Monetize Your Passion

Finding Monetization Opportunities Has Never Been Easier

As Creators you have a lot on your plate, from creating content, engaging your audience and managing your socials you’ve got your hands full. We get it, that’s why we invite you to view campaigns that fuel your passion.

Or create your own ready-to-execute digital creatives on our Shoutouts Marketplace!

Monetize Your Passion

Creators get paid for doing what you love – Connecting to Your Market. Whether you enjoy filming product reviews, tutorials, how-to videos, hauls, or sponsored giveaways, we connect you with the right marketing opportunities that you and your followers will love.

No Contracts, No Obligations

Contracts are confusing and scary, which is why LOKA doesn’t make you sign any. LOKA is a marketplace where the terms and conditions are negotiated by the Creators and Brands rather than the managing organization.

Creators are in Control

As a LOKA Creator, you retain full control of your profile and its content. You also have the freedom to set your own competitive rates and to pick and choose the monetization opportunities that are right for you. And of course are the best fit for you and your market.

Structured Process

Finding the right monetization opportunities can be difficult and time consuming, which is why LOKA provides the support and resources that Creators need in today's market. LOKA structures and streamlines the process from the moment of connection to campaign execution.

Branded Content On Your Terms

Choose your own opportunities, pitch the creative, set your own rates, and get paid for partnering with amazing Brands. There are Brands with active campaigns and those looking for Shoutouts right now!

Collaborations & Talent

Collaborations are one of the best ways to find, connect and scale with other Creators to grow and monetize your social followings together. Find talent and collaborate with other trendsetting Creators on the next big thing.

How It Works

Getting Started is Simple

View Opportunities

Join and you will find tons of campaigns for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more from the most loved Brands.

Get Hired

Submit creative proposals for the campaigns you love. Tell Brands the type of endorsement you will create along with your fee.

Get Paid

Once you complete your endorsement and share it with your market, you get paid via Stripe – it’s that simple!

Finding Paid Opportunities Has Never Been Easier

There are Artists, Brands & Creators ready to connect. Get started today!