Frequently Asked Questions

Creators are this generation’s storytellers, telling and sharing stories in a way that no one else can. They have trust, value, and strong emotional connections with their following. Their market looks to them for advice and insights on the newest products, brands & services.

Some examples of Creators include: Actors, Artists, Athletes, Bloggers, Celebrities, Chefs, Dancers, Designers, Directors, DJs, Gamers, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Models, Musicians, Podcasters, Tech Founders, Writers, and Vloggers

Customers are Artists, Agencies, Brands, Businesses, Creators & Individuals who are looking to buy Shoutouts or those wanting to connect/collaborate with Artists and/or Creators to execute campaigns.

You can connect YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And you can link almost any other.

Payment Methods – PayPal and Stripe

LOKA takes a small percentage (plus payment processing fees) on Campaigns and Shoutouts.

Review – A dedicated video in which Creators provide a review of their experience with a Brands products or service and talk about its features.

Mention – An endorsement at the beginning, middle, or end of a Creators video, encouraging viewers to check out a Brand or Business, to buy it’s products, or to use its service.

Haul – Creators show off products that they recently acquired, sharing knowledge about what is trendy, including details about the products and even the price.

Tutorial – Creators demonstrate how to use a product/service, how to do something with it, and why it’s awesome. Ex: Makeup Tutorials, App Tutorials, Fashion and How-To’s.

Favorites – Creators showcase a Brands product/service as a favorite and as part of products that they are loving right now and describe what makes you a favorite.

LookBook – Fashion Creators style clothing and accessories, showcase the styled looks in a video, revealing their latest fashion picks as well as how and where to buy them.

Gameplay – A video following Creators playing a Brands game while providing creative commentary. Viewers get to experience the game and learn how to play.

Comedic Sketch – A short improvised story featuring a Brands product/service — think parodies, spoofs, ads, pranks or original short films – can be serious or humorous.

Unboxing – A first impressions video where Creators unpack a Brands product for the first time on camera with commentary and product close-ups so that viewers know what to expect.

You bet we do. Please visit LOKA Studio for more information. Also, make sure to hit us up if you’re looking for Full/Service VIP services.

Simply tag/mention us on your social post or story with why you should be featured and include

#ConnectingYouToYourMarket hashtag. We look forward to featuring you. : )

We would love to, please send us more info and let’s set up a time to chat.

That sounds awesome! We’d like to hear more about your project, please send us more info.

There are some industries and/or products not eligible for our services. Please contact us directly for more information on these if you are concerned your product or service may not be eligible.

Great question! Please click here to read Marketing Made Easy – Your 5 Step Guide aka LOKA Manifesto.

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