Share Your Brand Story

A Brand is undervalued if it doesn’t connect with the right markets in a relevant way

Want millions of people to learn about your Brand? You are in the right place. Artists and Creators are this generation’s storytellers, telling and sharing stories in a way that no one else can. Their audience trusts them and looks to them for advice, insights and exclusives on the newest products, Brands and services.

Targeted Audience

LOKA matches your Brand with Artists and Creators that already have your target market’s attention and trust, who can drive the highest engagement in your vertical, earning you more credibility with your target market quickly and efficiently.

High ROI

LOKA takes action and influences consumers to buy. We create buzz, extend your reach, amplify and ignite passion about your products and services, moving consumers through the buying cycle faster.

Structured Process

LOKA makes marketing easy, giving Brands and Businesses full-service and self-serve tools to find, create, manage, fund, and track disruptive campaigns from the stage of connection to campaign delivery and beyond.


Creating and executing trendsetting campaigns doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. On LOKA, you set budgets that are right for you, reaching a larger number of consumers while spending less.


No more guessing what you’re paying for. Set your own terms, communicate goals directly with Artists and Creators and execute customized campaigns that tell and share your story in a truly engaging way.


Marketing Made Easy

Control The Content Your Customers See

No more cold emails, unseen DM’s or comment spam! Connect with world-class Artists, Creators and Influencers to bring your campaigns the markets they deserve.

With LOKA you can launch campaigns for free, receive proposals from interested Artists, Creators and Influencers. And easily track the metrics that matter most all in one place. 

Build your own in-house marketing teams — across all social platforms.  Campaigns can be customized to fit any size Brand, Business or Budget.


How It Works

Getting Started is Simple

Create Campaigns

Select which platforms you want to promote your Brand on, the types of branded content, such as gameplay, hauls, reviews, live shopping, lookbooks, tutorials etc, via reels, tweets, shorts and more, plus set your campaign budget.

Receive Proposals

Artists and Creators will connect with you by sending proposals detailing the types of endorsements and/or sponsorships they would like to create for your Brand, and on which platforms along with their fee.

Select Creators

Every proposal includes content examples, insights via connected platforms, social follower counts, gender, content types, location and so much more ensuring you have the information to hire the right trendsetters for your Brand!

Receive Content

Once you approve the content, the selected Artists and Creators will publish and share it with their loyal followers, driving awareness, views, engagement, and sales while increasing your return on investment.

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